Hi, I’m Hugo! Currently, a Cyber-Security Technician, with years of experience in ICT Service Desk and Systems Administration. Based in the United Kingdom, working with my local government since 2015. I have expertise in customer service, troubleshooting, remote support, setup and management of Windows, Linux and macOS, skilled in identifying, repairing and replacing damaged or outdated computer components; familiar with a wide variety of software and confident in my ability to learn to support new systems with minimal documentation or example, using reverse-engineering if needed.

In my free time, I maintain systems and servers for myself, friends, and family; such as home storage systems, personal devices, websites (such as this one), PiHole, TrueNAS, Nextcloud and more. When I finally get fed up with troubleshooting DNS, I also enjoy cycling 🚲 and squash (the sport).

All content on this site is my own personal opinion, and not that of my current, past or future employers.